White Night

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Hello everyone. Born and raised in the outskirts of Melbourne, there is nothing I have loved more than a night in the city. Melbourne’s nightlife is an experience you can never forget! White Night Festival on the 23rd of February illuminated the city with the famous Flinders Street Station evolving into a live stage. The Cat Empire, World’s End Press, Eagle and the Worm plus many more turned the once busy streets into a dance-filled arena (still very busy). As I danced the night away surrounded by others bringing out their best moves (even some older ones with moves from the 80’s) making the most of this free festival! Melbourne is famous for its fantastic restaurants and performing arts. This festival surely demonstrated that. Melbourne is one of my favourite cities that I have experienced thus far and it will always be the place I call home.

Flinders Street Station turned into a stage!
Flinders Street Station turned into a stage!

Deciding what to wear that night wasn’t difficult at all; it never should be. I love putting together an outfit for my night out, feeling happy and just wearing what I feel. You know that moment when you put together your outfit and you’re just content? That’s how I like to make myself feel. I live to be happy and there is no faulting when people say a smile is the prettiest thing a girl can wear. I would have to say that this Saboskirt Raider Bustier Top is one of my favourites; I love wearing it with a cute pair of shorts like the ones seen above or even dressing it up with a long black skirt and heels. I find it simply irresistible and would wear it every day if it was not so cold (and so small on my body)! This is Peachy Style and PS. I’m just doing my thing!

Top: Saboskirt Raider Bustier Top $48 – available at www.saboskirt.com now!

Shorts: Saboskirt Bleach Acid Shorts $58 – available at www.saboskirt.com now!

Vest: Bluejuice (bought a long long time ago, sorry!)

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