Grasping The Last Of The Green






Hello all, as the weekend has come to an end it’s time to tackle the next week. It’s also the Melbourne summer coming to an end and the greenery is about to leave as Autumn takes its turn. I absolutely adore this beautiful tree that towered over me!

This cute little black dress from Saboskirt is getting one of it’s last wears as I slowly change my wardrobe to the warmer pants and jumpers! I love the beautiful detailing on the bust closely paired with the tulle in the skirt… it almost reminds me of my earlier days and the fairy dress I wore to my fifth birthday (just much less colourful). The only difference today is this dress certainly has a sophisticated edge as its perfect for any short black dress occasion!

Dress: Saboskirt Black Tulle Dress
Vest: Denim vest from eBay
Clutch: With Love Kirsten Celine Clutch – other colours available here
Boots: Lipstik – available here

Necklace: Celine Inspired ID Necklace – available in rose gold & silver here

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