Boyfriend Jean





Hi all, sorry I didn’t get to post yesterday but I have just had a few very busy days! Whilst I’ve been busy, it definitely doesn’t stop the orders coming in and these boyfriend jeans and top from ASOS are great!

The ripped boyfriend jean is one the comfiest styles at the moment.. Even whilst I write this right now I’m wearing them! They’re just so comfortable! I think that the boyfriend jean can only be worn a few ways so I like a belt to firstly hitch up the jeans (they’re a little big) as well as add something exciting to the waistline!

I love cut off ankle boots at the moment and I wish I could afford some from senso but not today! These booties from Wittner are beautifully made and the studs on the edge add a bit of excitement.

This is definitely a basic look when you think about it but when I add the western belt, studded boots and the t-shirt with wings; it all of a sudden becomes fun to wear! There’s no point wearing something if you’re not having fun with it!

Top: ASOS – available here
Jeans: ASOS – available here
Belt: ASOS – available here
Bag: With Love Kirsten – available here
Boots: Wittner Shoes – available here check out heel steal for some great savings on shoes!

PS. Just having some fun with my style

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