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It has certainly been a while since I, Peachy Style, have posted on my blog. Just over a week ago I came down with flu-like symptoms and am only on the path to recovery now! I would never diagnose myself with the flu as I could certainly move around the house especially to the fridge for food somedays! (hehe)

I am adapting to a new sort of feel on the blog… Rather than having style photos of myself and what I put together I will be mixing it up a little. From style posts to inspiration posts and mood boards, even some motivation posts to keep positive and keep smiling.

Here is my first mood board. Many people have become obsessed with leather lately and  I am certainly one of them. Senso have brought out many black leather boots for the winter and bottom right is the Senso India Boot (available here). These boots are crucial for rainy Melbourne winters however I cannot afford a $285 boot so I went for the Wittner Brie Boot (available here)! For just over half the price of the other boot I got a perfect fitting boot that is incredibly comfortable and will be great for my trip to Italy in March next year for my Sister’s wedding. If I kept on dreaming past the Senso boot (and kept on saving) I would certainly buy this Alexander Wang creation featuring beautiful black suede and leather. The cut out boot is certainly everywhere at the moment from Betts and Novo to Jeffery Campbell and Wang’s collection.

Lastly, my favourite item on this mood board are the geometric leather pants. I feel like I have spent an entire day (what was probably around 30 minutes) to find the rest of the collection… I will continue to search so I can let all of you know and if one of you already know please don’t hesitate to comment!

Peachy style is back better than ever and I hope to bring more posts like these with my favourite items and fads of the season xoxo

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