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What do you think about this black quilted bomber jacket? Can you believe it was from Target and only $39? I saw it yesterday and couldn’t believe it! It doesn’t have that fake feel either… It is coated with something that makes it so beautiful to touch and is incredibly warm. I love to find a bargain and yesterday was certainly the day for it! The jacket was originally $69 but as stocktake sales are on at the moment you can get it for just $39.

I have nothing wrong at all with shopping in Target and stores alike because if I search hard enough I always find gold (like this jacket). I already own one quite similar; the only difference is that it is glossy versus this one being matte. Only a fashion lover would get two similar styles in the exact same colour!

Jacket – Target
Top – Sportsgirl
Bottoms – Sportsgirl
Shoes – Urban Soul

peachy style signature final


  1. Great score – i often pop into target to scour for great basics – unless you told me this was from target i would have no idea. it looks great on you- my faveorite skinny jeans are the free fusion jegging style – i have at least 5 pairs! at $29 you cant go wrong!

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