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kaspar and i 19:6:13

Starting the busy day before the flight with some last minute shopping with my mum in leather, stripes and a puffer vest to keep warm followed by cuddles with Kaspar and many things on the to-do list before Townsville.
So I’ll be saying Hello to Townsville once again tomorrow and Goodbye to my family and gorgeous boy Kaspar. It’s always sad leaving my kitty as every time I bring out the suitcase he will without doubt jump in and get really excited! But as soon as that suitcase is packed and ready to go, it all changes. From that moment on, he doesn’t want to know me and I never get to say a proper goodbye!

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ImageHere are my essentials for my trip to Queensland:

Havianas, Converses and my Nike Free Runs as well as my black ankle boots that I will be wearing on the plane…
Heaps of tops to choose from including my favourite Sportsgirl black and white cross tank and a selection of shorts and pants. Mainly my one teaspoon Leopard shorts and my latest obsession – the Sportsgirl leather front pant!
Vests and a few jumpers as boy do it get a little chilly here in Townsville at night time!

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