I know I said a week or two ago that I wasn’t going to purchase the Wrap Skort however here is my case… I had come across Hush Market Clothing on Instagram and I noticed that they had the skort for only $45. I was certainly going to look into it… Then a few days later they had a 25% off sale (which they still do till tomorrow night) and there was no way I could say no to a skort for only $33. I love to find bargains and this was definitely one of them! I was a bit worried at first as I thought the skort may be a little bit too big for me but as soon as I put it on I knew I was wrong! A perfect fit!

I also came across this Varsity Jumper from Glassons the other day while I was having a look around for other Varsity pieces. Bargain hunting continued and I came across this for only $25! Knits are absolutely essential in my wardrobe this Melbourne Winter and I have worn it everyday since. I decided to go for the Large size in this jumper to get that oversized look but as it is a crop jumper I wanted to be as long as possible! I’m not a fan of all the crop knits and jumpers out at the moment as how on earth are they meant to keep you warm!? Whoever decided to design these certainly doesn’t live in Melbourne!

I am also going to be selling lots of clothing, shoes & accessories soon enough! The pile of clothes is waiting in my spare room  and I don’t even know where to start! If you have seen something of mine in previous posts that you have liked please send me an email at peachystyle@live.com as it most likely is in my pile of clothes to be sold. All items will be on eBay by the end of this week!

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