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It’s the love of black and white today. I really cannot get enough of this monochrome trend! I remember a few years ago I only used to wear neutral tones and I made this pact with myself to start wearing more colour, which I did… However as we moved from 2012 to 2013, colours disappeared slowly from my wardrobe. I find it so hard today to wear a bright colour… The most colourful piece I have worn lately is the bright blue necklace I bought from colette a few weeks ago!

You may have noticed that these leather pants are my latest obsession but I think I have found my new obsession. This Mono Check Tee from Sportsgirl is my new love. I’ve decided that this top and these pants will continue to feature a lot and I will style them in as many ways possible!

What I also adore at the moment is minimal jewellery. As well as statement necklaces being a massive trend, I love to wear dainty little necklaces just to change it up a little bit. My favourite is the karma necklace from Lovisa! Always remember what goes around comes back around. I certainly do believe in good and bad karma! Because…


Good morning and Goodnight!

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