I have always been one to say that I would never change my hair colour, but we all come to that point when we need a change. As I finished up year 12 last year and was moving on with “the next chapter of life” I decided to go ahead with the balayage look that I had been lusting over all year long, but was not once brave enough to do it. As my hair grew longer and longer I decided to go back a few months ago and get the balayage done once again, however I decided to go even more out of my comfort zone and add blonde highlights. My friends and I had always joked around in school about dying my hair blonde and how it would not suit me at all… But Ebony at Chevoux Hairdressing had simply made it work. I was so happy with the result and still am! I think many times about going back to my natural colour but I think I’ll just let this grow out as I am not a fan of dying every strand of my hair. I feel bad enough having to use peroxide for the balayage! Here are some of the pictures I have collected over the months as inspiration for my hair…







All photos sourced from

Wearing Sportsgirl top, Tokito trousers, Wayne Cooper heels

peachy style signature final

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