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If there’s one thing that I love it is black. Most of my treasured pieces of clothing are in this picture above and you may recognise some of them. I also believe that “black is modest and arrogant at the same time. Black is lazy and easy – but mysterious. But above all black says this ‘I don’t bother you – don’t bother me’.” There is something so mysterious about the colour (or tone I should say); there is certainly no doubt that black has a different meaning to every person. Some individuals can perceive black as gothic, sad or dark however others may see it as classy, chic and stylish. But for myself, it is truly what I feel comfortable in. It may even be in my genetic make up. A few weeks ago when we went bridal fabric shopping for my sister – my Mum, Sister and I were wearing all black and my sister and I were even wearing the same leather pants! That’s freaky for you. If anything the lack of colour that I wear has nothing to do with my happiness or how bright I am inside. If I really think about it I do not like to stand out by wearing bright, bold colours because that’s not who I am. If you know me, I am rather reserved and black certainly says that. It’s the mystery that I mentioned earlier and that’s what I love. Why would you want to meet someone and instantly know everything about him or her? I am a sucker for mystery and I can’t imagine a time where I won’t be wearing black.

From left to right: Zara Biker Coat, Sportsgirl Coated Quilted Bomber Jacket, Target Quilted Bomber Jacket, Sportsgirl Baroque Vest, Bardot Snake Embossed Blazer, Sportsgirl Fur Vest, Glassons Varsity Jumper, Topshop Biker Vest, Hush Market Skort, With Love Kirsten Wrap Skirt, Sportsgirl Baroque Skirt, Lolita Asymmetric Skirt and finally a Witchery Skirt!

For something different I’m going to show you some of my favourite pieces at the moment each under a $100!

Blog post 11-7-13ASOS Supersoft Black Skinny Jeans – available here only $34 and free shipping to AUS!  I bought a pair of these ASOS Supersoft Skinny Jeans in Regular Denim and they are incredibly comfortable! A great piece of clothing for a cheap price.

BARDOT Leatherette Runner Shorts – available here for $60!

SPORTSGIRL Shaggy Cardio – available online and in-store for $99.95! I would really love one of these myself. Can you imagine how soft and cuddly it would be?

SPORTSGIRL PU Illusion Top – available online and in-store for $50! I wore this top in my last blog post and it is a very thin fabric so I could easily wear a coat over the top and not get too hot! (Not that you get hot in Wintery Melbourne)

BARDOT Assasin Cardio – available here for $80! I saw this in-store a few weeks ago and I had to have it however my bank account said no!

TOPSHOP Mini Quilted Satchel – available here for $45!

ZU Desire Ankle Boot – available here for $80 down from $160! Half price! Don’t you love a bargain? I certainly do!

WHISTLES Brigitte Round Heavy Sunglasses – available here for $80!

WINDSOR SMITH Lily Sandal – available here for $90! Windsor Smith just recently reduced the cost from $110 to $90!

So they are some of my favourite black items this season!

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