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We all love a bit of leather lately that’s for sure. Scouring through the closets at home and I came across a vintage leather skirt from when my mum was in her 30s… I’d always looked at it in the wardrobe but was never sure about the length until the other day when I just decided to give it a go. It was a perfect fit and boy, this was something to keep in the treasure chest.

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Secondly, I spent over an hour staring at 6 pairs of bathers that I had narrowed it down to from Triangl the other night and this is what I ended up with. I absolutely love Royal Blue and have since my formal dress in year 11 that was made by my sister. It is still my favourite dress to date! Triangl Bikinis are to die for and with these bralette tops they are absolutely gorgeous. I would say that almost all bikinis on the website are made for people with tans because this was the best combination I could find for my skin tone (even though the top still washes me out) I wish you could mix and match on the website. It would certainly be a blessing!! You can find these bathers at They are based in Taiwan, so for international shipping they are very fast! My recommendation of the week! Can’t wait to wear them this coming summer.

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