Stripes are certainly on the top of my list at the moment. I remember I bought a pair of striped jeans over the summer and pretty much lived in them until they faded into a grey and white combo (not so black and white anymore…) But, next to come along was this amazing Blazer from Witchery. It is a perfectly structured blazer that offers both shoulder pads and a clip inside to draw in at the waist if you are looking to show off your body a bit more. What makes this blazer spectacular is the black satin lapels. I’ve always thought that blazers with a satin lapel have some sort of class or even just look a bit more dressy rather than a simple black and white blazer. I am a massive fan of this blazer and at $199.95; it is perfect for any occasion. I’m showing how I would dress up this blazer in this post and in the next post (part 2) I will be dressing it down a more casual, day look that I love! Here, I have thought about how I would wear these pants and blazer together. You can’t see it in the photos here so I will do a follow up post on these pants but they actually not your usual harem pant. They have a drape across the front that I absolutely love and you can see a little better on their website (links at bottom of post). I chose just to wear a little crop top as I would not want to be covered head to toe wearing harem pants because I think they don’t offer anything at all to your shape so I think it’s important to wear what you feel will best show off your shape.

Top: Sportsgirl
Blazer: Witchery – available here
Pants: Witchery – available here
Heels: Mollini
Necklace: With Love Kirsten – available here

Have a great weekend everyone :)

peachy style signature final

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