Shh.. It’s a secret!

Today, it’s my not-so-secret secrets! The wonderful Mecca Tinted Moisturised & Frank Body Scrub.


In my previous post, I talked about wearing white with my fair skin. I am very fair so wearing white is a little difficult but I rely on my Mecca Tinted Moisturiser that is my saviour when it comes to visiting Queensland and wanting to a look a little more tanned around Melbourne. I always feel a little out of place when I visit Townsville just because Melbourne definitely lacks the sun that people in Townsville get almost every day! But I’m not one to spend a day soaking in the sun unless I have no option but to do so. I really don’t encourage nor enjoy tanning out in the sun as the line between a tan and sunburn is hard to tell and can happen very quickly. Every now and then, I like to get some sun but I’m more concerned over the effects it can have on my skin later in life so I tend to use sunscreen often keeping my skin tone fair. This moisturiser obviously offers two obvious benefits; it is moisturising your skin as well as giving it a natural glow. My favourite thing about this Mecca Tinted Moisturiser is the fact that you can wash it off at the end of the day! There is no need to worry about making your bed sheets a little orange as you have complete control over your skin and don’t have to wait days for it to fade even after some intense exfoliating or have little orange patches on your skin. It glides over skin flawlessly and you just treat it as if you were moisturising your skin. However, paying attention to sneaky little orange bits that you can just blend into the skin. I usually use two layers of the moisturiser as it changes my fair skin to a nice glow that makes me look like I’ve been basking in the sun and not dipped in Doritos!


Secondly, I got on the Frank bandwagon a few weeks ago and I have to say that this is one of my favourite scrubs I have ever encountered. Frank is a coffee scrub that uses coffee granules and almond oil as it’s main ingredients to offer beautiful, glowing skin. It helps to exfoliate, tone and is also meant to help with stretch marks and cellulite. The concept of Frank is to “Get naked. Get dirty. Get rough. Get clean.” It is certainly straight to the point and a bit of a weird concept when you first read it, but that is honestly what you have to do! It is a dry scrub and is best to be used on damp skin so the scrub will actually stick to your skin unlike my first experience where I had coffee granules going everywhere and it finally clicked that some water might help. Frank has immediate effects on your skin; boy, it is wonderful. I have never felt my skin so soft and smooth after using the scrub. It’s really important to use the scrub like an exfoliating glove because that’s really what it is doing. As for it’s work on stretch marks and cellulite… caffeine according to the Frank FAQ site is meant to have properties that help improve blood-flow and circulation therefore improving your skin tone and reducing the appearance of cellulite. I think this is probably the best $15 I have ever spent when it has come to beauty and looking after your skin. My #1 recommendation for 2013!

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