Leather Pinafore





Sure, we all want to have our distinctive look, but that’s why I am here to share my Peachy Style. I feel I will always conform to trends in society and it’s how I adapt to these trends that defines who I am and my style.  Over the many years that I have taken interest in the way I present myself; I have come across many trends that I love and some that I do not fancy one bit! Leather is one of the trends that I have taken fancy to this year and I hope it stays for many months to come. Previously, I’ve featured leather pants, tops, jackets and now it’s time for the pinafore! My sister had told me that pinafores were back in Sportsgirl and to be honest… I was quite surprised. I remember buying my first pinafore in year 7 (so I had just started high school) and I wore it everywhere! But it’s not something I would wear today so I was actually quite worried about the return of pinafores. But when I saw this one, all faith was restored. To me, it’s just like all the overalls that I’m seeing throughout Glassons and Cotton On! It’s a great little item for Spring – (I still can’t imagine wearing leather in summer just yet!) I chose to feature the pinafore and that’s what I think is the best way to style it. You don’t want to hide it behind a jacket because then you lose the cute straps and the idea of being a chic, country girl! Wouldn’t the boys love that? Probably not, but everyone has their own taste and that is what’s truly special about style. I have paired it with the Saboskirt Lounge Tunic in White and my Urban Soul Leather Boots. S-i-m-p-l-e.

The pinafore can be purchased from Sportsgirl online here or in-store

peachy style signature september

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