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SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESToday, it’s about the basics… Luckily one of my jobs I have the option to wear almost anything I want provided it looks smart at least. So today I’m in wearing some comfy denim jeans from ASOS, a metallic black blouse from Sportsgirl, ruffled vest from Sportsgirl and Windsor Smith sandals! Now you’ve seen most of these things before except the vest and sandals. Let’s talk about the sandals – they’re slimline, black and comfortable. Sounds like my dream shoe hey? I’ve been looking for the perfect pair of sandals for years and I mean at least since 2009. I have never been a big fan of sandals at all… I usually resort to thongs and would wear my converses pretty much every day last summer. But, this summer I had to change that! Especially with my regular visits to Townsville. So for a while it’s been quite obvious that the ‘Lily’ sandal was the “hottest sandal this season” that I would see being bought left, right and centre… So much so that Windsor Smith have brought out in various materials that have been endorsed by the girls at How Two Live. At first, I took a fancy to it because it had a closed toe (which was my main problem as I cannot stand toes or feet to be honest). However, I was not at all a fan of how chunky they were and how every teen on the planet was buying them! So I’d been looking on the Windsor Smith website for a while and I saw the Kansas sandal and knew I had to have it… Last week I finally caved in and bought these precious beauties. They’re also available in black patent, burgundy patent and white but sticking to the safe side and to increase the chance of how much I wear them – I stuck with the regular black leather. They have a 3cm heel but absolutely no platform which makes them different from the Lily. I always prefer to not be buying something that everyone else has already. For only $80 using a coupon code from Styletread I was able to find these babies online – the only place left that has all sizes but a 7 in stock! Here’s to the beginning of the warmer weather down here in Melbourne.

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