This week it is ALL about the Windsor Smith Give Sneakers. I saw Elle Ferguson from They All Hate Us  wearing these a few weeks back and thought I had to have these. I say that about items of clothing every single day but I really meant it this time. There’s no doubt they make a little bit of a statement! I purchased them early last week and sent a photo to my boyfriend straight away… I was curious to see his reaction. Let’s just say all he said was “interesting” but I was certain I could change his mind and show that I can pull them off! Sometimes I love to stretch the boundary and even step outside of my comfort zone to wear something that I think is so, so chic. When I’m browsing through the numerous online stores anything that is black & white or just black usually catches my attention! With lace being forecasted as a massive trend for Autumn/Winter 2014 I am sure to get some wear out of these. Here I have worn them with a White Leather Tank from Witchery and Black Jeans from Wrangler. Simple.

peachy style signature september

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