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Who’s ready to be shocked? I know I was when I came across this bargain on a fellow instagramer’s photo! So Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman are sort of like the new go-to make up brushes. They’re a little smaller than what you would expect but the ultra plush taklon bristles make these brushes the best for the price. I got all of these for about $38! If you go to the link HERE you will find a selection of make up brushes. The trick is to find a little coupon to save even more! If you are wondering about shipping – it’s very very fast. I got the $8 DHL shipping which took from Wednesday night when I bought them to this morning (Monday). Apparently the $4 shipping takes a week or just a little bit over. Still very fast for the price!

I hope to keep informing you guys of all the latest bargain finds, which I will now bring to you weekly whether they be clothes, footwear, accessories or beauty products!

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