Get ready for Summer with these shorts from Lucy in the Sky! I love to wear all black but add a pop of colour so I have the perfect party outfit for the summer. The days are slowly getting warmer so we can put our knits and jeans away for the summer and bring out all our favourite cutesy items! (Or should I say a little bit revealing?) Who knows some people love to wear these sorts of clothes all year around but I certainly save them for you guys for outfit posts and for the humid nights in Townsville when the minimum is 30 degrees! I actually love wearing these kind of outfits but the other day I went to my local shopping centre in this crop top wearing a see through blouse over the top and I felt so uncomfortable! I’m not sure if that’s just me but showing a little bit of my belly like that in public just felt a little wrong. Definitely keeping this crop top just for night time and parties! You can’t really see in the pictures here how bright these shorts are but they will certainly grab someone’s attention. I own so many pairs of shorts but these are my favourite (colour) pair. They’re only $39 from Lucy in the Sky and are also sold in white! There are a few pairs of the short I am wearing available now online but the white is currently sold out. The great thing about Lucy in the Sky is if they are sold out, you can request a restock and hopefully get a pair! They sold out so quickly so I’m sure another batch is not too faraway.

TOP: Sportsgirl Harness PU Top SHORTS: Lucy In The Sky SHOES: Witchery Fabiana Wedge LIPSTICK: MAC Morange WATCH: Michael Kors

peachy style signature september

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