We’ve all used our fair share of mascaras over the years that’s for sure. I’ve used everything from Maybelline and Rimmel to YSL and Dior. Dior’s Mascaras have ALWAYS been on the top of my list and every now and then I will treat myself to one or hopefully get one for christmas! But I was in desperate need the other day after the one I was using literally just disappeared off the face of the earth – I sometimes wonder how this happens! Anyway, I started my Dior Mascara journey back in 2010 using Diorshow, then I tried Diorshow Extase and then the Diorshow Iconic which has been my favourite to date. The other day, I went to go stock up on my Diorshow Iconic when I noticed they had brought out this new ‘overcurl’ version of the Iconic. I am so so impressed with this mascara and I think I have found the one for me! This turns my dull almost unnoticeable eyelashes into dramatic, false-look lashes! In Myer at the moment, you can buy it in a little box set with an eyeshadow like the one above for $52. I am always happy to pay this amount for mascara as it doesn’t clump up like those cheap ones from the supermarkets or pharmacies! I’ve found my mascara so my new mission is to find the #1 eyeliner for me! Let the journey begin!

peachy style signature september

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