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Photo sourced from the beautiful Swiss photographer @mydamni

Happy New Year to all my beautiful followers of Peachy Style! What a year it was. Highs and lows but plenty of laughs :)
Here’s to 2014 being the best year yet!
Hopefully some great things ahead for Peachy Style.


Anyway, a little delayed but here is my outfit that I wore on Christmas Day! I was just browsing through general pants one day and saw this dress. It was one of those instances when your brain is telling you “yes Courtney! You have to have this piece in your wardrobe. Just look at it – it’s beautiful” then the angel side is like “save your money darling! You need to save for overseas!” It might have been the heavens above giving me a sign not to buy this dress but as I was waiting in the queue, the WHOLE shopping centre had a black out! Of course! But not to worry, the dress was put on hold and I returned to buy it after my shift!
Can I just list a few reasons as to why I love this dress?
1. How pretty is it?
2. Hello, easy outfit. Chuck it on with boots and you’re set for the day!
3. It’s a shift dress so I can move freely without having restrictions like skinny jeans or crop tops!
4. It was 20% off! Who doesn’t love a sale?

So it was pretty obvious I had to have this dress. You can find it online and in-store at General Pants but there weren’t many sizes left when I got mine so who knows what’s left :(

DRESS: Stussy Dress  BOOTS: Senso Qimat Boots BAG: Atmos & Here also in Tangerine

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