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TOP: Witchery SHORTS: Dolly Girl Fashion SHOES: Senso

It’s a new year but definitely no new style for me! I’ll always be the same me… mostly wearing black!

It’s very random but every now and then I get a pop of colour. It’s just like a wave that comes over me and tells me not to wear black today. I bought these shorts from Dolly Girl Fashion a few weeks back. They should be your one-stop-shop for this summer! Dolly Girl is quite similar to Lucy in the Sky as most of the items that get released each day are identical but Dolly Girl is cheaper and offers free shipping for over $50! So why wouldn’t you shop there? Now I don’t want to shock you and I also don’t want you to end up broke after looking at this website! But, here is a look at my favourite pieces for this summer from Dolly Girl Fashion!

blog post 4.1.14

From left to right

Daisy Denim Shorts $39.95 // Slashed Skirt $34.95 // Polka Dot Fun Short $27.95// Over You Short in White $32.95 // Monochromatic Crop $30.95 // Over You Short in Black $32.95 // Reindeer Playsuit $44.95 // Diamond Peplum Top $37.95 // Laced Halter Neck Top $25.95

peachy style signature september

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