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It’s an all white kinda day and there’s nothing better than a tee and leather shorts! Especially when white reflects the sun and that’s exactly what I need here in steamy Townsville. Mind you, yesterday and today we have had some moments where it has been bucketing down rain! It’s actually a lot more exciting here compared to when it buckets down rain in Melbourne and it’s freezing cold!

There’s something about leather shorts that is oh-so-cool! I’ve got a few pairs in my wardrobe but it’s definitely this white pair from Sportsgirl and the real leather pair from Witchery that I adore the most. PU shorts can be a little uncomfortable in the summer (hello, sweat!) as they do not breathe whatsoever! The leather shorts are a little better but it’s still a lot warmer than wearing some lightweight cotton shorts. I always get a little distracted writing my blog posts and want to show you some of my favourite items that are similar to the outfit I am wearing.

Take a look at my favourite (and very affordable!) shorts perfect for this summer from Saboskirt!

saboskirt 1 saboskirt 2

#1 – Saboskirt Rose Shorts
#2 – Saboskirt Drawstring Shorts
#3 – Saboskirt The Hills Shorts
#4 – Saboskirt Neon Trek Shorts

TOP: Vision Street Wear exclusive to General Pants Co. BOTTOMS: Sportsgirl SHOES: Wittner Shoes

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