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Hello from Townsville! I have been a little delayed in posting on Peachy Style as I have been out and about and hardly had any time to sit down and show you a little something. I’ve been so excited to show you one of my favourite tops at the moment. I came across this little Alice in the Eve number at General Pants before I left for Queensland last week!

 Stripes are everywhere at the moment and you can find a striped top in almost any shop you walk into. It’s hard to find the right striped tee. Maybe I think too much about it but sometimes the ratios of black and white are wrong or the black isn’t quite black (charcoal or navy does not count!!). The navy and white stripe may be okay if you like the nautical trend but I’m not one to like being a sailor. I may as well wear a red sailor’s hat with navy blue pants… no thanks. I’ll stick to the stylish black and white horizontal stripe until this trend fades away. I find that I go through phases of stripes – one week I will be wearing stripes every day and then the next week it’ll stay in my laundry basket until I decide that I want to wear it again (or am I too lazy to wash it straight away?)

Anyway, I think this is my favourite striped top so far. It’s flawless for summer as it has short sleeves, is cropped and the best feature of all – it’s so stretchy! This top will be my go-to during the month of January and I would definitely wear something like this to music festivals (if only I was actually going), sporting events & out with friends. It’s only $39.95 from General Pants Co. so how could you say no? I certainly couldn’t!

TOP: General Pants Co. SKIRT: Witchery SHOES: Wittner Shoes

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