I am back in Melbourne and I certainly wish I was back in Townsville already. I always have the best time in Queensland and this has been the best trip yet! When the weather is over 30 degrees each day and almost 25 when you wake up each morning there is no reason to complain. My daily ritual was to wake up and have a hot chocolate in the company of my lovely boyfriend, Ashley, whilst he had his morning coffee. We were aliens until we had this little treat! There’s no morning at home like there is at my second home in Townsville. When I look from the chairs I am blessed by a beautiful view of the Pinnacles and the little skippys who decide to join! With our days spent enjoying the sunshine or the rain that has been so rare lately in Townsville – there is nothing that compares to our time together.

I almost lose track of what we do each day but on Friday and Saturday nights we are at the Cactus Jacks Saloon & Sky Bar! He DJs there almost every weekend and it is maybe the second reason why I go to townsville hehe. The food & drinks there are absolutely divine! We can’t help but indulge in the cactus bread roll, which is basically garlic bread with cajun seasoning but it is absolutely delicious. Next, we always have the Mesquite Chicken Breast which is served with the best chips in the world. Yes I’ve tasted many good chips and I still love the ones at Meat & Wine Co. but nothing compares to the ones at Cactus Jacks! Finally, we end the meal with the Apple Gun Barrels old favourite consisting of two soft flour tortillas filled with sweet cooked apple and cinnamon, then fried until crispy. Served hot with vanilla ice-cream. Look it is possibly one of the greatest three course meals I have ever experienced! Cactus Jacks is only in Queensland at the moment in Brisbane, Mackay, Airlie Beach & Townsville but I sure hope it comes down south soon! I haven’t even got to express my love for the cocktails at Cactus Jacks either. My favourite there is called the ‘Female Viagra’. It’s certainly a different name but one of the most popular drinks for the girls! It’s a mixture of Midori, muddled strawberries, passionfruit and other great things that I just cannot remember. It’s been that long since I’ve actually looked what’s in it! All I know is that it’s one of my favourite cocktails I’ve ever tasted and certainly made for a sweet tooth like me.

Along with catching up with Ashley’s friends; it’s great to spend time with his family as well. We spent my last day up at Toomulla Beach where his grandparents live just North of Townsville. I always want to spent my time at the beach and that’s certainly what I got to do on Tuesday :) It was an absolutely beautiful day and we got to take Amy (the little pup) down to the beach with us for some fun. There’s something that is so pure about the beach and you just have a sense of freedom there. I love watching the waves crash onto the shore and being in the company of someone special to me.


Some of my favourite times have been in Townsville and I can’t wait for next time. Until then… xx

peachy style signature september

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