Here’s something a little different! A few questions to get to know me better :)

What is your middle name? My middle name is Tenielle (pronounced Te-neal). Before I was born, Mum loved the idea of Courtney Tenielle but Dad preferred Tenielle Courtney. I’m quite glad that mum won because it’s hard enough having to spell my last name ‘Pietsch’ for everyone! I can just imagine having to spell Tenielle too.

What was favourite subject at school? My favourite subject was probably psychology in high school. It was much due to the fact that I had one of the most beautiful teachers who tried so hard to make us succeed and we all were pretty happy with our results for psychology. I did make the mistake of not doing subjects that I love and wanted to do in VCE (VCE is the education system in my state of Australia). I did love Health, Psychology and History but subjects like Maths and Maths Methods were definitely a mistake!

What is your favourite drink? My favourite drink is actually water. It may sound bland to some of you but I absolutely love water and there’s nothing bad about that! It’s so important for me to be hydrated because as soon as I’m too distracted or busy at work and not drinking enough water I can always feel a headache coming on! I’ve been a massive water drinker since I was little and never liked juice or soft drinks. I still don’t like them to this day!

What is your favourite song at the moment? I’d say A Great Big World – Say Something. Since the Victoria Secret Fashion Show aired I have been absolutely obsessed with this song! I only like the original version though; not a fan of Christina Aguilera in the radio version.

What is your favourite food? Chocolate, of course! Lately I’ve been trying my best to avoid chocolate and have a healthier alternative. I discovered the bliss ball mid last year and I have loved them ever since! They are a mixture of dates, cashews, coconut oil, cacao, coconut, chia seeds & goji berries. Delicious!

What is the last thing you bought? I bought the Cameo Lost At Heart Pants in Moroccan Leaf! Whoops.

Favourite book of all time?

Screen Shot 2014-01-19 at 5.21.32 pmI really can’t say a favourite because every book by John Green is absolutely beautiful. It’s a tie between Looking for Alaska and The Fault in our stars!

Favourite Colour? Blue for sure.

Do you have any pets?

photo-2I certainly do! I have the most gorgeous kitty called Kaspar. He’s a Burmilla which is a Chinchilla cross Burmese. He’s gorgeous to look at but I do question his personality sometimes! Definitely a cat hehe. He’s just over 2 years old and such a funny character! If you play with him; you’re automatically his best friend. I love whenever I go away he always gives me the silent treatment and doesn’t want to know about me! As soon as I come home it all changes. He follows me absolutely everywhere! The other night he decided to sit in my suitcase whilst I was unpacking. It was pretty cute!

Have you ever been out of the country, if so how many times?

tumblr_mz9vthEiXi1t8vdwao1_1280No I haven’t just yet! But next month I will be making my way to Italy and I’m so excited! The best thing is that I get to go with my whole family for my sister’s wedding. My sister and her fiancé made the grande idea of having their wedding in Venice! It’s a good reason to get my parents overseas as they have never been overseas either. I’m so excited to share this experience with them!

How many siblings do you have? I just have one sister, Rhiannon. Her fiancé, Ryan, has been in my life for over 10 years though so he feels like my brother anyway!

What is your favourite shop? Where do I start? I honestly don’t pick favourites for shops… But, there are quite a few shops I purchase from quite regularly. ASOS and the Iconic are my go-to online stores that have absolutely everything and always have a coupon code available! I also love Saboskirt, Sash & Co, Sportsgirl & Witchery!

Favourite restaurant?

IMG_0425Cactus Jacks. If you read my post about my trip to Townsville, you would understand why. I am craving their meals right now. I wish they would franchise down to Melbourne. If I had to name a restaurant close by then I would say Suishaya Inn. It’s nothing special but it’s a Japanese restaurant our family has been going to since my sister was born (so long before I was born)! Their Harumaki is the best treat ever. Oh, and the pancakes. They’re good too.

When was the last time you cried? It was actually when I was in Townsville and I watched Captain Phillips. It is definitely one of my favourite movies to date! We absolutely loved it.

Favourite TV show?

New York, I Love You XOXOIt’s still Gossip Girl and always will be. That show came at the perfect time in my teenage years and finished just after I turned 18. I relate it to a chapter in my life that I really treasure! All those years shaped me into the person I am today. I was definitely always a Chuck & Blair fan and was so thrilled with the series finale! I keep watching the seasons over and over again.

PC or mac? Mac, definitely!

What phone do you have? I have the iPhone 5S in Silver. It’s definitely my favourite phone so far! I always thought nothing could beat the iPhone 4S but I was wrong. Surprisingly, the battery is so much better on this phone as well. Score!

How tall are you? It’s actually been quite a while since I checked but I don’t think I’ve grown since then. About 165cm.

Can you cook? I sure can! I love to cook. My favourite meal is homemade burgers which my family absolutely loves! I would have to say that I’m pretty good at cooking cupcakes as well. It’s been a while since I’ve made them because they’re so unhealthy! But, I wouldn’t mind treating myself sometime soon.

 Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetpeachy style signature september

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