It’s the countdown to Venice, Italy.

In just 37 days time I will be walking across the Rialto Bridge, having a stroll through St Mark’s Basilica and even venturing up the Campanile to get a view over Venice!

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I came across all these images on tumblr and I am so excited to go on my first overseas trip.

Here’s 10 places I want to see and things I want to do in Venice:

1. Take a trip on a gondola
2. Watch the sunset over the grand canal whilst having a drink at one of the local bars
3. Spend a day at St Mark’s Basilica exploring and learning about the history of Venice
4. Wear a venetian mask to a party for Carnavale
5. Go up the campanile
6. Explore all the little venetian shops filled with masks and costumes
7. Take a tour on the grand canal
8. Enjoy a gelato in true venetian style
9. Eat traditional venetian food that I would never consider at home
10. Have the time of my life

I can’t wait to hop on a gondola whilst having some dips & crackers with a drink! I can’t wait to go up the top of the Campanile and see a 360 view of Venice – taking in the many canals and the 180 islands of Venice. And most of all, I can’t wait to see my sister and her fiancé get married in the most beautiful palace! It will be the trip of a lifetime and I’ve only got 37 sleeps until the journey will begin.

Have any of you been to venice? If so, do you have any suggestions as to where I should visit or any things that I should do?

None of these picture are my own. All sourced from tumblr.


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