burano-venice-italy-1 Burano, Venice isola-di-burano-ve_sts86.T0

I couldn’t help but share this little piece of heaven with you all. A few days ago now, someone I met on Instagram told me to visit Burano, Italy. I couldn’t help but type it into google to see what he was talking about!

There is something that is just so surreal about this town. When do you walk down the streets and find yourself surrounded by colours like this – a picturesque rainbow

I wouldn’t mind venturing over to this little town whilst I’m in Venice in less than 3 weeks!

I honestly can’t contain my exitement right now to go overseas. It’s not everyday that your sister and her fiancĂ© decide to get married over in Venice. What is even more exciting is that it’s my sisters birthday the day after the wedding and we will be celebrating Carnivale style! I imagine all these crazy parties with people dressed up for the masquerade ball on the last night we will be there. I’ll definitely be investing in a beautiful Venetian mask to go with my outfit. Only problem is… I have to find the perfect dress for this occasion as well. Time to brainstorm!


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