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Today, in three weeks time, my sister will be getting married. I can’t believe how fast the past year has gone already but last night was my sister’s hens! It wasn’t your stereotypical affair because that is just not us. The day began at Mr Tulk in the City then we ventured over to Melbourne Central and had our make up done at Napoleon Perdis. It’s always such a treat to have your make up done. At first, I was a little hesitant to go to Napoleon as I had heard mixed reviews but they quickly changed my mind and I was quite impressed. We used this as an opportunity to start preparing and deciding what colours we wanted for the wedding day. After getting our make up done, we went straight to over to a friend’s house to get ready! It was necessary that we had prepared our outfits in secret as Rhiannon, my sister, had no clue what was happening on the night! It was a lot of fun to tease her and think of crazy things that would make her a little worried about the night’s festivities. We were all dressed up in our glitzy, sequin numbers and were ready for a good night.

Not too much later, we were off to a private venue in Fitzroy. We walked up the red carpet to the Mrs. Whelan Show and found ourselves in a glamorous room made for celebrities (or should I say the celebrity of the night!) The night began quite early but before we knew it; we were all getting bootylicious to the sounds of Queen Bey. We had a dance instructor try and get us to loosen up a little because how on earth were we to jump straight into dancing? We needed a couple of drinks first! Anyway, we were dancing to Crazy in Love then doing our biggest struts with attitudes to Run The World. Finally, it was time to learn some sexy Queen Bey moves and it was time to be a Single Lady! Look, I felt quite uncomfortable dancing like this because I honestly cannot dance at all but it was all a lot of fun. But I’m just saying “if you liked it, then you should’ve put a ring on it”, I’m in love with this song once again!

The rest of the night was filled with games, indulging in food and dancing to whatever party tune we felt like! It was a great night spent with family and friends. It makes me even more excited for Italy as most people when I said goodbye it went a little like this – “See you in Italy!” Like hello… It’s not that faraway!

Until next time xo


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