Today is all about getting ready for the chilly Winter season that will be here in just a few months. It’s crazy to think we were just experiencing 40 degree heat for days in a row and now the forecast is for 20 degrees with a few random hot days. There’s nothing wrong with getting ready early and that’s certainly what I am doing now! Most AW14 collections have been dropping in-store and online from Witchery to Cameo to Wish and David Jones. I go to Italy next week and I will be taking my two favourite coats at the moment! I managed to get my hands on the beautiful White Walls Coat in Black by Cameo the Label before it sold out on Fashion Bunker! There are still a few available if you search on google! Secondly, I got my hands on the Fluffy Cocoon Coat in Mint from ASOS and I absolutely love it. I had a plan to have a black, pastel and plaid coat for my trip to Italy. I can check off black and pastel but I probably shouldn’t spend anymore money at the moment! The plaid coat that I wanted to buy is actually the one found just below from Zara. It’s $159 and I think I’ll have to buy it eventually.

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 3.47.06 pm

This is the coat I got from ASOS and most sizes are still available! I got the size 8 and although I am taller than the recommended 160cm for petite items – it’s actually perfect. Available here!

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 3.47.21 pm

The White Walls Coat also comes in Grey but is almost sold out everywhere! There is one XL in Grey left at The Iconic and a few sizes available at Chloe Boutique here!

Below are some of the biggest trends in coats I can already see in stores and on the catwalks! Tangerine or orange is making a comeback and although some of us are dreading it, I’m actually enjoying it. Orange is such a whacky colour that reminds me of a time that I’m glad I never saw fashion wise. We think of the 70s and the hippy/tacky orange that was everywhere from homewares to pieces of clothing. This orange is almost classy. It may just be the times we’re in but pair this colour with all black and it is to die for!
The other trend I am embracing at the moment is all shades of grey. In last night’s post, I talked about my love for all different shades of grey and this coat below is spot-on! Pair it with a white tee, black skinny ripped (at the knee only) jeans and ankle boots. The perfect AW14 outfit for me!

Coat Trends

Coat Trends by courtney-pietsch featuring L.K.Bennett

Another trend that is appearing almost everywhere is pastels! Whether it be winter coats, tops or fedoras – they are always available in pastel. You all know that I’m not a massive fan of colour but this is my exception. I will find myself rocking an all black or black & white outfit with my pastel coat over the top. I don’t think I could every bring myself to wear a pastel coat with another colour. Perhaps a pastel pink accessory or something like that but otherwise, no thanks! Whenever I think of pastel, I think of Forever New. They have always been so filled with neutral tones that I just don’t fancy whatsoever. There was one time I walked in and I saw black was half their shop; I couldn’t believe it! Anyway, I am absolutely loving the baby blue trend and I can’t wait to see it take off in Australia.

Pastel Coat Trend
Which coat trend will you be rocking this AW14 season?
With Love,

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