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I can’t believe how fast these past two years have gone. This trip to Italy has been almost two and a half years in the making and it’s almost time to head off! Tomorrow, just before midnight, I will be hopping on the plane and making my way to Venice, Italy. It’s crazy that the time has finally come, I still can’t comprehend it! I’ve never been overseas before so I have no idea what to expect at all! To be honest, it still feels like a dream; people keep asking me if I’m excited about the trip but it all seems so surreal to me! It won’t be real until I am sitting on the plane and beginning this amazing journey.

Anyway here, I am wearing my FAVOURITE jumper at the moment. It’s a mixture of neoprene and lighter fabrics that makes it so damn comfortable. People even comment on the fact that it looks so comfy! Plus, how can I forget these gorgeous ankle boots from Wittner Shoes. I saw them on the Instagram page just last Wednesday and they were mine by Thursday. They are absolutely beautiful and so, so chic. I am a massive fan of the patent leather heel that brings different textures into the mix. I think different textures are going to make a big appearance this AW14 season and I can’t wait to play around with them all. They also have a great amount of cushioning on the sole so they are easier to walk in then some on my other boots with a smaller heel! My favourite jumper and boots for this season.

JUMPER: Cameo the Label Silent Jumper from Fashion Bunker SKORT: Sportsgirl
CLUTCH: Finders Keepers SHOES: Wittner Shoes Hold Me Boot

With Love,


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