Today is actually a very exciting day in so many ways!

First of all, it is Peachy Style’s first birthday and it’s time to talk about a year that has been. It’s certainly had its highs and lows but I am so happy with the way Peachy Style is going. It’s what I love to do every day and I wish I could spend all day long researching, sourcing and shooting my favourite looks for you all. One of my favourite things is hearing about people who love PS that I wouldn’t even think would click to have a look! There is something so mesmerising about hearing these comments from friends as they have engaged in conversation about something I dearly love. We all have that one things that makes our face light up when we talk about it – I know, when my boyfriend talks about music, his face just lights up and he can’t help but smile. It’s quite adorable (he will hate me for saying that!) but it’s the same for me with fashion. Even writing this post right now on the birthday of Peachy Style is so gratifying. I never doubted what I could do with this and I cannot wait to explore different pathways and branch PS into a brand that represents me entirely.
Today is such an exciting day as I am about to go on my first overseas trip to Italy. I honestly can’t comprehend what it’s going to be like as it just seems so surreal! This will be the first time I get to take PS overseas and have a little fun with my posts.

IMG_3690 IMG_3696 IMG_3693

Now I couldn’t help but bring you a little simple outfit that will be perfect for Europe this week! This is another first for me as I purchased the ‘Sporty Jean’ from Cotton On just the other day. These jeans are some of the best I can find for under $50. It’s always so hard to find cheap jeans especially ones that won’t go terrible after the first wash! Usually, I like to spend up on jeans just because they are something you can wear almost every day. However, I walked in the other day just to get some cheap ones I could rip and somehow came across these! I couldn’t help but giggle when some girl next to me was like “$50! Gosh that’s expensive!” whilst I was thinking in my mind “BARGAIN!” I probably would have thought that too when I was her age but as we get older, clothing just seems to get more and more expensive! You can find the sporty jean here on the Cotton On website and I would actually recommend going up a size. I am usually a size 6-7 in jeans but I found the 8 was actually the best fit for these. It’s adds to the sporty look by not being too tight but the leg is still quite a skinny fit which is great!

It’s definitely a day of firsts and I can’t believe in just a few hours time I will be on my way to Venice!

Until then,


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