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It’s day one of my first overseas trip to Italy! I’ve finally got the chance to open up another chapter of my book as I experience different countries and culture. The trip began shortly after Midnight in the early hours of Thursday morning! Obviously as soon as I got on the plane, all I wanted to do was sleep however they had to give us our first meal. I certainly scoffed down what I could and actually decided to watch a documentary called “The Start Up Kids” – it’s all about entrepreneurs and how they made their millions by the age that I am today. It’s just what I needed to watch right now as I feel this sudden urge to put 100% into what I love doing at the moment. I then went on to watch “Jobs” and a show about the style trends at the moment (that weren’t so on-trend in my opinion) but hey, it all got me thinking and actually got me really excited to return home and get the ball rolling! After fourteen or so hours on the first flight to Doha, we were absolutely exhausted and ready to get onto the next plane to Venice. Flying into Doha was so fascinating – it was just two colours almost like the beach with sand and water but that was the land. Even the houses blended into the background. I managed to get 8 hours of sleep with little breaks in between so I was very lucky to somehow sleep so much on the plane! We only had a short stopover at Doha Intl Airport and then we were on our way to Venice! I was really happy with the service on Qatar Airways. For those who know me well, you know how much water I drink and it’s usually hard to drink that much water on the plane because you have to get up and go to the toilet (definitely not your ideal situation on the plane)! But, they brought water round all the time is small amounts so I was able to keep very hydrated on the second flight! As we flew into Italy, I saw so many beautiful paddocks filled with green grass, which was quite the contrast to what we saw flying over Doha! Only minutes later, we were on the ground, grabbing our luggage then finally heading off to get our private boat to the apartment. I’ve gotta say – what an awesome experience that was. I love being on boats and this was a boat ride I will never forget. We got to see some of the nearby islands close by and drove straight through the Grande Canal. At one stage, we thought the driver was going to stop and let us out just by the canal but he actually went through this smaller canal as you can see in one of the photos with the buildings right beside us! Thankfully the owner of the apartment met us there it was only a short walk to our apartment so we didn’t have to heave our heavy luggage filled with everything for the wedding nor get lost on the first day! Mind you, it didn’t take long for us to get lost when we decided to have a wander through the nearby streets. The owner gave us a map and put arrows where all the local supermarkets, ATMs, cafes and restaurants are that we would have to visit! However, as soon as we got out the door of the apartment we were already heading the wrong way to the supermarket. He said to turn right as soon as we got out the apartment but for some reason we went straight (Good work Pietsch’s)! It didn’t take us too long to find the supermarket as when we were about to head home we realised how easy it was to get home! Walk straight and make one slight left and there was the apartment. I have to say that the food in the supermarkets here is 100x better than what we can find in our local Coles and Woolworths. We just got a light meal, as we were all ready to get some sleep! We indulged in some beautiful cheeses, deli meats, crackers and fresh salads. Everything is so much better than I have ever tasted before. The ham and salami is so clean and doesn’t have big chunks of fat like the ones you find in the deli! Well, look maybe it had a bit but it tasted so good I didn’t care at all! Anyway, here I am at 6am in the morning remembering a day that I will never forget. Here’s to more beautiful and unforgettable days ahead!

With Love,


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