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I’ve gotta say that I am truly obsessed with Venice! Day 2 of my overseas trip was spent exploring what the islands had to offer and we saw the beautiful Rialto Bridge and spent quite some time admiring all the fabulous costumers at Piazzo San Marco. Carnevale is quite spectacular! It’s a little scary seeing all these crazy costumes but at the same time, it’s so stunning! The amount of time that would go into all these outfit preparations and make up for those who aren’t wearing a crazy mask! After a day of walking around the different tourist spots, we decided to go to my sister’s place just to see where it was! As we got closer, we bumped into some friends of hers who could take us to the apartment! We couldn’t believe that we were just casually walking through Venice and came across people we knew. After that, we went out for lunch and I had the most beautiful Pumpkin & Ricotta Ravioli – I don’t even like pumpkin but I absolutely loved that dish! It was a massive day and then we met up with my sister and her soon-to-be husband at the beautiful palace where they are having the reception. I cannot wait to share photos of this magical day! After we spent some time at Ca’Sagredo, my sister and I ran off to H&M and the other stores to find an outfit for the cocktail night later on. My poor sister, being the bride, had her luggage delayed and she didn’t receive it till Saturday afternoon after arriving here Thursday afternoon! (It’s currently Sunday morning here!

Day 3 was spent in the pouring rain. It’s not something I would ever do in Melbourne but it was actually a very funny experience! We had all planned to meet at 11am at Piazzo San Marco on Saturday morning for a photo shoot! However, that plan quickly fell apart as the rain began at about 10:30am and continued right until I went to sleep that night. Instead, Ryan (my almost brother-in-law) decided that we head off to lunch at a place near the church they were getting married so we had an idea where it was! Remember there are no cars and GPS’ here. It’s just you and your map walking through Venice hoping that you’ve made the right turn. So there was 15 of us all walking in a line from one side of Venice to the other. I was surprised we didn’t get separated as everywhere was absolutely crowded due to the rain! You’d think everyone would disappear but it was quite the opposite. We finally got to the restaurant and boy, was it an experience! The italians are so so friendly and Ryan seems to be a resident there! He’s obsessed with the dishes as they are very cheap and so yummy! He also knew to get a double serve and I regret not getting one myself. All pasta dishes here are about half the size of your usual dinner or lunch as they are just an entree! Eventually, it was time to head home and I had to quickly run to Sephora to get some last minute things for the wedding and then off we went to my Sister’s apartment to make the final touches on her dress. Another problem with having her luggage delayed was that she didn’t have the beads and other things she needed to finish her dress! So, my mum and aunty came to the rescue by helping out with little things whilst I was the mannequin for her!

Currently, it’s Sunday morning here and there is a lot of excitement in the air. Today is finally the day when my sister is getting married and I will be heading to her place shortly to begin getting ready! This has already been such an  incredible experience to be over in Venice with heaps of friends and family but now we get to be a part of this truly magical day and I cannot wait to share the photos of how beautiful my sister will look. Here’s to the most amazing day ahead…

With Love,

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