blue shirt

I have always been looking for the perfect blue shirt and I finally found it in Venice!



Hello casual look, I haven’t seen you for a while! I can’t stop thinking about baby blues and when I saw this shirt in Italy – I had to have it. I had been eyeing off these kind of shirts for a while but they were mostly in men’s sizes and I wanted one that was going to be a good, oversized fit in the right places.
On my first day in Italy, we went exploring and at the start I had no clue what shops I’d find in Venice. After just an hour, I had spotted a H&M bag and I had to find it! That night just before I went to bed I was on Google maps trying to find the location of this H&M and to see whether it truly existed or not. I was so excited when I realised it was on the way to the destination we were going on day two – perfecto! Three stories of H&M goodness was right there just a ten-minute walk from my apartment!
It didn’t take me long to scout the whole shop as I’m not usually one to spend long in a shop. I’ll happily spend hours on an online shop in my bed but shops are just full of people pressuring you into the wrong decisions. The first time I had a look at what was available, the second time my sister and I raced to find an outfit for that night later in the day and then finally on the last day of my trip I ventured in and bought the items I had been eyeing off the first day! This gorgeous blue shirt was just €20 Euro, which is just $30 aud! Here, I am wearing this shirt with some DIY ripped jeans originally bought from Cotton On and my Hold Me boot from Wittner Shoes. This is my new favourite outfit and I’m not afraid to wear it more than once a week!

If you haven’t heard already – H&M is finally opening up in Melbourne GPO on the 5th of April! If their prices are anything like they are in Europe then we are in for a big treat. It will be interesting to see which season they will bring in for us as we may get some old stock but I’m sure it’ll still be fantastic. H&M brings affordable fashion to Melbourne and I cannot wait to have a look next month!

With Love,

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