bargain sunday

It’s bargain sunday and what better way to start the week with my 12 favourite items under $80!

I love online shopping and I can spend hours a night just staring at the same clothes searching for the right piece. There’s nothing better than hopping online towards the end of the week and buying a couple of things to make the next week even better!


Bargain finds all under $80
Can you believe all these items are under $80? You won’t believe how cheap some of them are! These are items that I would buy in a second if I had a money tree. Below shows you a few different outfits with these items and the links to every item will be mentioned after that!
Bargain outfit #1
Bargain outfit #2
ASOS Rings – $11.88
Here’s to the start of Bargain Sunday where Peachy Style will bring you the best of the best at an affordable price each week!
With Love,
Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 5.47.30 pm

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