the only exception

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This coat & top are my only colour exception this season. I’ll always stick to my black, white and greys but there is something about green and particularly these types of green that I love at the moment. Cameo The Label released this top a few weeks back and at first I wasn’t so sure on green because let’s be honest – who wears green? However, this lily palm print took off and I was obsessed. I couldn’t go as far as buying pants or a jacket covered in this print but a top would suffice.
I bought this pastel coat from ASOS before I left for Italy because I could see pastel’s appearing everywhere and I was so set on getting a powder blue coat. Somehow, I ended up with mint but when it arrived, I was so happy with the colour choice I made. Thinking back, I’m so glad that I went with mint because powder blue has appeared all throughout Zara, Bardot and the chains alike – Thankfully, I stayed away from that one. I can’t help but mention how fluffy this coat is and it’s one of those items when you walk into a shop and an assistant awkwardly says, “Do you mind if I touch this coat?” It’s just so soft and fluffy! This coat is actually from the Petite section from ASOS but I got an AU8 and am so happy with how it fits. I am definitely taller than 160cm as the petite section is made for 160cm and under but I have no problems with this one!
This was one of my looks that I honestly put on in such a rush. I was so excited to wear this Lily Palm print by Cameo the first day I got it and I had no clue what to pair it with. All of a sudden, I found myself wearing this coat and I thought to myself “green and green… surely not?” However, I thought it was pretty damn cool so I thought ,”who cares? I like it!” and walked out the door. I wear this outfit at least once a week now because it brings some colour to my week compared to my simple black, grey and white outfits. Here’s to more rushed moments before work trying to find a look to describe who you are that day!

\\ TOP: Cameo from The Birdcage Boutique (sold out) //
\\ COAT: ASOS – my version available here and similar fluffy coats in blue, grey and pink here //
\\ DENIM: Wrangler from General Pants //
\\ SHOES: Zara //

With Love,

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