hello december

It’s the first day of December, the first day of Summer and the first day of this new look on Peachy Style!
I’ve been MIA on the blog for a few weeks now as I just needed a break and now I feel refreshed and full of ideas. My wardrobe has been continuously building and I have so much to show all of you – so much so that I didn’t even know where to begin…

Peachy Style 30/11/14 #3

Peachy Style 30/11/14 #5

Peachy Style 30/11/14 #4

Peachy Style 30/11/14 #1

TOP: Sportsgirl // PANTS: Cameo The Label from Saint Bowery // SHOES: Therapy

This outfit is full of items that I am totally O B S E S S E D with at the moment!

Firstly, Cameo’s drop crotch pants are the perfect summer item as they are made of a light fabric and allow the skin to breathe on those scorching hot days! They do come in at $139 but these are the kinds of pieces that I like to spend extra money on because I know how much I will wear them over the next few months.

Secondly, Sportsgirl’s chambray shirts have hit the mark for summer. I’ve been a bit funny about shirts lately because collars don’t suit my neckline but if I leave the top two buttons undone, I am quite happy with the look! This shirt is so versatile and can easily be dressed up or down.

Thirdly, Therapy Shoes have hit the mark with the latest trends on footwear at such an affordable price! I’ve been looking at mules for ages and never done anything about it until the last month where I’ve got my hands on two pairs of mules. This pair from Therapy comes in a beautiful shade of grey as well as black. It becomes a little bit harder to wear mules in the summer because, in my opinion, they look tonnes better with pants than with shorts and skirts but every now and then I find myself pairing them with a pair of shorts to dress up my look!

Lastly, guess what I’ve got for my peachy style followers?
Head to http://www.therapyshoes.com.au and enter the coupon code ‘PEACHY20’ at checkout for 20% off!
Happy Monday and happy shopping lovelies.

With Love,

Peachy Style Signature

3 thoughts on “hello december

  1. I love love this outfit! Its so simple and chic :) As soon as I saw Sportsgirl I was like hey fellow Australian! Its so nice to see someone who’s in the same season as me :)
    I hope you have a lovely December the first and remember that Christmas is only 24 sleeps away!!
    Much Love,

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