all white for summer

Okay, I have to say that an all white look this summer is one of my favourites!

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TOP: Sportsgirl // SHORTS: Dahli The Label // HEELS: RMK Shoes

Here, I am mixing a few of my favourite things. It seems like I always talk about my favourite things but, to be honest, if they weren’t my favourites things, I wouldn’t put them on my blog! I want to be able to share the things I love with all of you and not just because I’ve been sent something or because I scored it really cheap. It takes me back to when I started my blog and I’d just search for something put on it and buy items that were just temporary trends. Sure, I will still include some temporary trends on the blog but I want to include items that I wear every single day so you can love them as much as I do.

If there’s a trend I love lately – it is wearing lighter shades for summer. The past few posts have all been based around white and I decided to go all out on this one. There’s nothing better than a pair of white denim shorts for summer with an off the shoulder top. These shorts are certainly versatile and affordable thanks to Dahli The Label – sister label of Lioness. They come in at just $45 and I’ll be wearing them all summer long.

This outfit is festival ready… Chuck on some chucks and you’re set to go!
However, I’m one to dress up a little and you’ll never see me at a music festival so mules it is. I had my eye on mules for months on end and I was lucky enough to score these from RMK Shoes. I usually struggle to spend more than an hour in heels but I can wear these for hours on end with no problem at all. I also thought the mule would be terribly hard to walk in because there’s no support of the ankle, but somehow, they’re so easy.

Mules may look a little out of place in this outfit if I wasn’t wearing the watch, but the addition of black accessories helps to balance the outfit and bring it all together! I would pair this outfit with a black clutch or handbag if I didn’t have a black watch and I would be set to go.

Are you a fan of the all white look with the Mule?

With Love,

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