Today, I’m welcoming Melbourne designer, Ena Pelly, onto the blog!

Peachy Style Ena Pelly #1

Peachy Style Ena Pelly #2

Peachy Style Ena Pelly #3

Peachy Style Ena Pelly #4

Peachy Style Ena Pelly #5

Peachy Style Ena Pelly #6

TOP: Ena Pelly // JACKET: Ena Pelly // PANTS: Ena Pelly // SHOES: RMK Shoes – on sale now!!

 Bold lines, clean silhouettes and bespoke prints are what Ena Pelly is all about. The first thing I noticed when I opened my parcel was how every item was so luxurious and I found myself wanting to put it on straight away.

I’m not one to go for a print on a regular day but when I was looking through the look book, this one certainly caught my eye. The reptile-like diamond print makes such a bold statement and I absolutely LOVE it! When I put this look on, my photographer instantly commented on how well this look came together. To be honest, the soft silk just allows everything to sit beautifully on the skin and you really don’t want to take it off because it’s so soft!!! I could easily sleep in it but I wouldn’t want to ruin the clothing.

Ena Pelly’s AW15 collection is to die for and if you don’t want to break the bank, there are some amazing basics that I cannot take my eyes off! I feel as though all these pieces could last a lifetime and that’s certainly a hard quality to find in clothing nowadays. It always makes me want to pay the extra $$ for clothing if it is brilliant quality!

Interested to see what Ena Pelly is all about? Follow them on Instagram at @enapelly or visit their online store at

On a side note, I’d absolutely love to get some feedback from all my followers! What would you like to see on my blog or read about? Please let me know in the comments below or send through an email :)

With Love,

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