So dressing up for the office or to go out isn’t always what some enjoy but to be honest, I absolutely LOVE it… Here’s my tips to waking up every morning excited to put an outfit on!

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TOP: Kookai // SKIRT: Country Road // SHOES: Skin // HAT: St Frock

I’m heading back to Kolt Fashion for the next few weeks and thought I’d share a few of my tips on how I plan my outfit for the day at work and why it’s necessary for me. I remember when I started and I really didn’t mind what I was wearing as long as I was comfortable. But, a few weeks ago, I decided to put in some extra effort and now I really enjoy it.

There are three things that I have to do consistently everyday. It’s my way of putting together new looks for the office and making sure that I am happy with what I’m wearing.


#1 – Plan my outfit & be strategic with my plan
I always, without a doubt, plan my outfit when I’m going to sleep or whilst I’m doing my makeup in the morning. I usually have a pretty good grasp on what type of things I have planned for my day… If I know I’ve got a day at the desk, I’ll definitely opt for heels. If I know I’ve got a day of running around, then it’s definitely pants and I’ll wear heels into work and have a pair of flats that suit my outfit ready to go when I’m up and about.

#2 – Have fun & change things up a bit
I can’t tell you how many times I have just gone with the boring option and not felt ‘myself’ that day. This is the most important step for me. I don’t mind breaking the rules (of fashion, not the workplace of course!) because that is when I truly shine and feel happy with my outfit. I’ve always felt a bit down if I’m not wearing an outfit that describes how I am that day. I’m not one to wear colour, ever, but colour doesn’t mean happiness with clothing at all. If I’m having fun and experimenting with outfits then it sets my mood pretty high for the day. I might only change one piece but that’s enough to wear it the next week, right? I won’t outfit repeat in the same week but I’ll definitely change one piece so I can wear it the next week.

#3 – Rock it
Every single day we are presented with opportunities to better ourselves and I think it’s so important to be prepared for the unexpected. It may be meeting someone on the street, bumping into an old friend or even just coming up with a random idea for that work or school assignment. The more positivity I surround myself with, the more things will happen to positively affect my life. For me, my outfit is the first step and that’s why I love dressing up for work because it puts me in a great mood for the rest of the day and positivity will surround me. You know that one time you go to the shops looking like a dag and you bump into every single person you know? Yep, that seems to happen me every single time I sneak down to the shops! It’s very rare that I don’t dress up to go pretty much anywhere anymore. I love being overdressed at every occasion and think that at any opportunity, I am dressed to impress and surrounding myself with great opportunity.

Personally, I love dressing up so much because it makes the day so much better. There’s nothing better than waking up, having brekky, putting on a great outfit and heading off to a job I love. I absolutely love this outfit for this reason – I radiate and feel so content.

Outfit for business meeting? Check!
Outfit for coffee? Check!
Outfit for dinner date? Check!

The all black number makes it perfect for so many occasions and don’t mind me if I outfit repeat this one hehe.

With Love,

Peachy Style Signature


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