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WALLET: Postie – Whiteley Designs // COAT: Madison Square Clothing

I’m very minimal with everything I do, whether that’s with what I wear or how little I carry around. My minimalist ways seem to carry through to everyday life and I find myself rarely with a handbag or anything bulky. My small Mimco pouch goes with me everywhere and I find it very hard to find my cards or coins quickly! Thankfully my problem has been solved for a very small cost.

Only $30 later – my problem is solved. This Postie wallet from Whiteley Designs, a Melbourne based leather goods label, speaks sophistication, class and most importantly simplicity. I have genuinely carried this little purse around with me from day one. I always find myself quickly running out of the house or running out of the office to get lunch. This makes it so much easier for me to grab everything I need and not have to lug a massive bag around! You might ask, but what about all my other cards in my wallet? There’s an app called “Stocard” and you can save every single rewards card you have on there so you never need a wallet again. Let’s just say these two things are my saviours!!

This trusty little wallet gets me from A to B every single day and goes with me EVERYWHERE! I’ve genuinely come dependable on this little wallet because it fits everything I need – my licence, bank card, notes and a few coins.

Reason #1 why I can’t live without this wallet and why you need it too – clearly, it’s so handy for everyday and you have everything you need in one little pouch.
#2 There’s nothing worse than bringing a large purse or large bag with you when you’re going out on the weekend or letting your cards just hand around in your clutch and risk them falling out!
#3 It’s black and will match everything – do I need a better reason?

With Love,

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