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TOP: Witchery // PANTS: Witchery // COAT: Country Road // SHOES: Skin Shoes

There’s nothing better than pulling together an outfit with a few of your favourite things. There are pieces that sit in my wardrobe for weeks on end – untouched.
This was all about bringing in pieces, old and new, to bring together a fresh look that is so on trend and how to cull those pieces that you don’t need. The shoes and the coat are two of my favourite new pieces and the bustier and pants are some of my old favourites.

These leather pants have been one of the greatest investments that I made a while ago. I feel like leather isn’t going anywhere soon so I love to keep these pieces from being chucked to the back of the closet. It’s so often that our wardrobes are filled with pieces we have genuinely forgot about or pieces that we don’t wear. Every few weeks, I always do a wardrobe cull. This is about me going through every single piece in my wardrobe and making piles. I have a spare room that’s filled with tonnes and tonnes of clothes and this is sort of like the reject room. Every piece that I wear on a daily basis stays in the wardrobe in my room. If it’s something that I think I may wear some time down the track, it goes to the spare room. There’s two questions you have to ask yourself when doing a wardrobe cull. Can I wear this piece with 3 different outfits and most importantly, would I buy this if I went shopping today? It’s so simple – if you can’t make this piece work with a few outfits and wouldn’t by it today, why have it?

I think the 4 most important piles for me are:

1. My everyday pile that I will wear and want access to every morning before I get ready for work – This goes straight back into the closet
2. The temporary reject pile – I’m not loving it right now but I know this piece will have a use when I want to dress up for a night. Look, this is probably bad but I’m sure you can all relate and say there are some pieces you just can’t let go of!!
3. The pile for a market – pieces that are still worth quite a bit of money and you could set up a market stall for
4. A pile for charity – don’t throw clothes straight out into the bin. If they’re in good condition, pass them onto someone who really needs them and make a bag for the Salvos.

The key to making wardrobe culls easier every time and have pieces that remain like gold in your wardrobe is to buy classic, investment pieces. Above are two of my absolute investment pieces. The leather pants have been with me for a while and this coat is going to stick around for years to come. It’ll save you time and money if you stick to buying investment pieces and my four steps to wardrobe culling will make it easier every single time – especially when you get to the point when your wardrobe is filled with gold and culling doesn’t even exist!

When was the last time you went through your wardrobe?

Make up thanks to the beautiful Dana Vaughan. Follow Dana on Instagram :)

With Love,

Peachy Style Signature


  1. I’m in loooooove with your blog ! Really awesome !! Hope to work with you when I’ll be in the US.

    Nicolas, from France.

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