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Wherever you are in the world, being lazy is something that comes naturally to a few of us. I won’t say that I’m lazy by not doing anything all the time, but I’m certainly lazy in the sense that I always find the quickest way to get something done. I’ve definitely found the best way to save time and make getting out of the shower a good thing.

I started using Frank Body Scrub about two years ago. I was obsessed – I felt like I had become part of #thefrankeffect! Little did I know that this insanely popular coffee scrub revolution would lead to a revolution of my own.

One of Frank Body Scrub’s main ingredients (depending on which scrub you buy) is either almond or coconut oil. Both of these oils have intense hydrating effects and are my saviours almost every single day! We’re currently in an ‘arctic blast’ here in Melbourne at the moment so it’s just a little freezing outside. I am a culprit of putting the shower on really hot so when I get out of the shower, the bathroom is steamed up and just that tiny bit warmer. It’s probably not ideal but getting out of the shower in this weather just doesn’t seem like a great idea at the time!

If I can skip the step of jumping out of the shower, drying off, moisturising and then getting dressed – I will. So, that’s why I started to use Frank.
In my last few minutes of my shower, I grab some frank body scrub and lather it up on my skin. There’s no point putting it on for a second and then washing it off because then I would really be wasting my money. At least keep it on for a couple of minutes and then wash it off. Think about the amount of time you would spend moisturising yourself and spend that time letting the coffee scrub soak in. Pat yourself dry in the shower (so you keep warm) and then you are good to go and put some clothes on. I don’t even need to think about being cold because the transition from the shower to my clothing is just seconds with Frank!

What’s one of your secret shortcuts to getting ready quick?

With Love,

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