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TOP: Miss Shop // PANTS: Witchery // SHOES: Skin Shoes – coming soon // BACKPACK: Sportsgirl

I am no different to anyone else in the sense that I love hanging around in my trackies and hoodies at home, but there is no chance that you would ever see me leave the house wearing them. I know leather pants might not be as comfy but honestly, they are still pretty good. My leather jogger pants speak ultimate laid back comfort with the stylish factor as well. I’ve been obsessed with my leather jogger pants for so long now and they are not leaving my wardrobe anytime soon.

Leather is something I can try and say goodbye to but during the winter, I find myself wearing it every single day. Not only does it keep me extra warm and allows my skin to breathe, it will actually last in my wardrobe for a while. I recently watched a documentary called ‘The True Cost’ about fast fashion and how it is ruining the planet. I was fascinated how little I knew about the Fashion market being the second bigger killer of earth after oil mining. You don’t think about the clothes you wear and the effect they have on the environment.
All those $5 t-shirts and $15 jeans are ruining Earth one day at a time. Watching this documentary was a little bit of a reality check – as they always are!
I’m going to stick by the thoughts I have always had with fashion and stick to good quality items that will last in my wardrobe.
I don’t want to be wearing something a couple of times and then just throwing it out the next week! I want items that will last for years and years and not end up in the landfill emitting awful toxins into the atmosphere. I will always appreciate leather pieces and fashion, there’s no chance that that will change anytime soon. I can’t replace my leather with vegan leather as the polyurethane (which is really just plastic) is not good to wear on your body nor for the atmosphere. However, I will change my approach by putting more thought into the items I buy and how long they will actually last. The less I throw out, the less chemicals that will be emitted into the atmosphere when my clothing eventually reaches the tip. It’s the little things you do that count.

How does this make you feel? Who would have thought that your clothes had such a big impact on our Earth?

With Love,

Peachy Style Signature


  1. I definitely think about that wastefulness whenever i’m buying clothing. Even if you have a budget you need to stick to, it’s better to invest in pieces that last than to just consistently throw money at clothes that wear out within a month!

  2. Totally with you! I was part of a group in my school days that highlighted the terrible impacts of “fakes,” too! Buying great quality items, where you can truthfully see the thought and care involved, makes the most sense. And good quality absolutely DOES NOT mean always spending a fortune!

    xo, Jessica

  3. Great outfit and cool post !
    I never throw anything away actually. I give away or sell online. And I used to buy a lot of second hand clothes aswell.

  4. Great read!!! I love the shoes…
    I wrote a post for Voices of Youth Unicef, concerning fashion/cheap clothings but from the angle of child labour. Not only do cheap clothings affect the earth it also does increase child labour in the fashion industry.

  5. I am so with you on this! I’ve been thinking like this for a couple of years now and I’ve found that I enjoy wearing the same things over and over because I know they make me feel good. And Jessica/ Semisweettooth (above) is right, quality doesn’t mean expensive! I actually started blogging again to try and go against this trend of fast fashion and ‘shopping’ blogs.

    Fab outfit btw! M xo

  6. I usually spend more time in resale and thrift shops myself. I often find great designer new and vintage. There’s also that great feeling I get when I find something unique that no one else has. I also resell stuff online that I’ve outgrown or stuff that was too good to pass up, but someone else would love!

  7. I enjoy unwrapping last year’s wardrobe each season and always end up wearing the same key staples year on year but I ignore a lot of it, throw away what is worn out, and buy new clothes too. Need to get better at recycling – I have sold clothes in the past and given stuff away, but am sure I could be doing more. Thanks for reminding me as the new AW15 collections start to hit the shops now. Time to recycle.

  8. We are so with you at !! Recently, we published an article along similar lines – fast fashion, although seemingly beneficial to those of us with a little less money, has repercussions that we aren’t even aware of. It’s so much more worthwhile to build a wardrobe of investment pieces that you love and can wear for a while. Longevity in fashion is becoming such a novelty, and it’s really disheartening. I feel that there’s a correlation between individuality and the propensity to buy high-quality clothing, as well.

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