It’s taken a while but I’m finally learning how to be me… You know that thing that we are meant to do from the very beginning? Be ourselves?  Yeah, we all know it’s not easy.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve had time to reflect over what has been a crazy few months and it’s led me to feel so incredibly grateful and content in this moment. Now, I want to share this experience with all of you. I thought I’d start off by explaining the one simple rule to make everything easier and will go into further detail into my journey to positivity and changing my mindset over the next few weeks.

It’s easy saying it, isn’t it? Relax.
How do I do that?
Where do I even begin to de-stress and relax?

Find the things that make you happy. Find the things that make you smile when you wake up in the morning. Find the things that you are truly grateful for.

By making a slight change to the way we think about life, we suddenly relax and feel so grateful that we are even here. For some of us, it can be as simple as a deep breath but I find remembering the little things helps me to relax more than a deep breath ever could. It’s astounding how reminding myself that I am so grateful I have a roof over my head, a bed to sleep in, a family to come home to, friends to see after work, a job to pay my bills can have such a different to my mindset everyday but it does. All these little things that just seem like the norm are actually effecting me in a grand way which I never even realised until I started making an effort to remind myself everyday – it’s as simple as living in the moment and being grateful for what I have everyday.

I know that I have some of my most stressful days at work and sometimes I come home from work and feel absolutely overwhelmed that I just crash on my bed. But, I’ve found my outlets and now I know how to separate my work from me and feel so good about life every single minute. I know that exercising as soon as I get home is my best way to de-stress. I know that there are times when I just can’t get everything done but I have learnt to separate myself from my work. It’s so important that I remain happy internally because that helps me to focus on what’s important and live every single day like it’s a blessing.

– Focus on the things that make you happy and you will relax without even trying –

How many of us can actually say that we love life? A strong feeling of being so so happy that we’re so excited for what’s to come and for what’s happening right now – is there anything better? I don’t know, I haven’t experienced it just yet, but there is something about life that is so great right now because of the changes I have made since the start of the year and it’s helped every aspect of my life. I can’t wait to share this with you all and see how I took being peachy from my name to an everyday feeling.

Stay Peachy everyone

With Love,

Court x

10 thoughts on “LESSON ONE: RELAX

  1. I absolutely love this and needed this. We don’t always appreciate the lives we live, yet here is so much to be grateful for. The energy from this post has definitely put me in a great space today..thank you!

  2. Thanks for sharing :) nice to hear I’m not the only one who is sometimes feeling like I can’t get anything done.

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