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It’s taken me a while to find the right thing to write about. The last time I wrote to you guys I was on a world trip that I didn’t even think was real and without me realising and without me expecting it, I went on a journey that was honestly one of the hardest, mentally and physically, to date – one that made me come back a completely different person. I try to keep telling myself this is how it is but it seems like a rubber band theory where we cannot help to bounce back to our old ways.

I was one who needed a break to once again assess what was really going on in life. I was one who was so busy with work that my personal and blog life took such a back seat that I, unfortunately, was well aware of. For these four weeks, work became my priority, I was on a mission and I was going to put my heart and soul into it. I gave it my all.

However, here I am today, pretty damn tired and trying to stay awake when I drive the car home. I went overseas so excited to share with you every single location I went to and the reality was – I was too tired to do it. My lack of energy led to a lack of motivation thus emptiness in the place I love the most – here.

It’s crazy how these places become a part of you and as I write this now, I shed a few tears, as I didn’t realise how key this place was to my happiness and being the whole me. I am well aware of my life, and I am so glad that I decided to be aware of the things I was missing the most. We all go through times where we seem to hide a little, see friends less, maybe talk to the family a little less by putting our focus into something else. I did that. I put my focus into work. Work made me happy and I was reaping the rewards – it still does to this day. I bloody love my job. However, I knew once my summer range was completed, I would put my focus back into me. And this is me, here, now, completely focused on my happiness and well-being and staying peachy.

Sometimes we forget that just a little bit of something is all we need. I know they say that to get a reward you must give it your all. But, physically & mentally, you cannot give everything your all. There’s always going to be some part of your life that will miss out. We always give it our all. All or nothing seems to be a trait that some of us cannot help but for me, this shows inconsistency as you will have to stop giving your all at some point. You cannot give all because at some point you are going to run out of it. Just like a relationship, give it all at the start and then when the flame goes there’s nothing. Give all your energy to work and you’ll find yourself burn out. Give all your energy to an exercise routine for a few weeks by going hard every single day and you will see yourself burn out once again. Another analogy shows a diagram with work, social and health – saying how you can only pick two. All I can say is stop reading this stuff and believing it!!! You are the key to your life. Your brain has endless abilities and one of them is to change the way you are. Your mind is incredibly powerful and you can change a belief easier than you think. You have to believe that you can have everything. For me, I know I can, I’ve done it before. I was just very aware that I went into a short period that was dedicated to just one sector and I gave myself a goal to get out of it and address every little thing missing.

It’s called balance and day by day, I am learning how to create balance in my life. I am happy that I know this is the problem. The key to problems is being aware of them and knowing how to address them. With everything I have learnt the past year, I have learnt how to be aware of everything around me and how to address a problem. For me, I’m going to give a little bit of me to every aspect of my life. Because that’s better than nothing. They always say that if you cannot work out or get to a gym just do 30 minutes of exercise at home or go for a short walk. Make sure you plan your week. Have a day for you, a day for exercise, a day to be social with friends, a day with the family, a day to do whatever you want. Don’t get caught up in sticking to the routine but recognise every aspect that you want to have in your life. In the words of Bob Proctor – “Thoughts become things. If you see it in your mind, you will hold it in your hand”. The more you think about it being your life, it will come true without you even realising. Put yourself first and think about what you really want. For me – that is the key to success, the key to happiness & the key to wealth.

Please remember to stay you and stay peachy always.

Court xx


  1. This is awesome advice! I’ve found myself feeling the same way recently about certain things in my life. It’s hard to maintain balance in all things, even when everyone else thinks you have it all together! Taking things day by day is the best piece of advice I’ve heard and I’m still working on it. Thanks for the inspirational words :)

    Down-Home Damsel

  2. Such great advice, thoughts really do become things. You can manifest whatever you want!

    Thanks for sharing.

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